What & How

We help individuals from developing countries and less favorable situations to achieve more and better results in personal, business and community endeavors by improving their ability to use ICT, to learn and to be proactive.

Rural Web helps individuals to achieve personal, business and community development with “Our Way”: a comprehensive method which helps individuals to set goals, and work on realizing them.

“Our Way” is a recipe for success and includes development of basic ICT skills and skills necessary for a professional career, or for setting up your own business.

The recipy promotes

  1. Taking part in the Rural Web community, which can help to find support , coaching, inspiration & funding for projects and endeavours at the personal, professional and community level.
  2. Use of online resources which we collect and grow as a community.
  3. taking part in learning circles and other courses.

We help ICT-centres, NGO’s  and other organizations with setting up learning circles and other courses  through our partner programme. We can help with finding funds, coaching, and course material.

Rural Web is an online community. It is not an organization and it has no legal status. We are volunteers. We do not make any money. Any costs  are borne by the individual volunteers.

We sometimes help our community members to raise money for their own projects. In that case we will help the project owner to set up an account at a crowdfunding platform so that donations go directly to the project and Rural Web has no access to it.

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