Thare Machi Education

We take simple life-saving information and make it accessible by some of the world’s poorest people – especially women and children. We do this by making interactive audio visual lessons in the user’s own language. The interactivity means the user has to answer questions correctly in order to complete the lesson. There is also a quiz for each topic which provides a score out of ten with 10 being the pass mark! We have more than 30 topics and over 50 languages available, including a lesson on how not to get ebola. The lessons are all available on DVD and increasingly for free download to your computer or mobile device.

Thare Machi Education aims to:

  • Help women and children in the developing world achieve their potential and enable them to have more choice
  • Pioneer new, robust, simple teaching technologies at village level
  • Provide access to basic education in the local language
  • Work with local partners

And through these measures to:

  • Reduce the numbers of women and children in forced labour or having to resort to prostitution
  • Reduce the HIV infection rates, particularly amongst women and children
  • Relieve disability amongst children and young people

Education saves lives – it’s simple

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