Partner Programme

Rural Web is setting up a partner programme. Although Rural Web was initially meant to be used by individuals, it was quickly realized that certain organizations will benefit from Rural Web too. To help these organizations make the most from Rural Web, we will post more information about our partner programme here.

NGO’s & development experts

Rural Web would like to provide services to NGO’s and development workers. We can help you with your ICT4D strategy, capacity building of your counterpart’s ICT and professional skills, or with ICT and other e-learning courses you wish to develop.

ICT, Web and other Tech-experts

Organisations working in the ICT branche in developing and developed countries can both benefit of Rural Web and provide us with invaluable expertise. Encouraging employees to contribute to Rural Web, or making available services or funds can all ways to fulfill an organization’s Corporate Social Responsibility. In addition, companies can benefit of our network and let our community try out new services, or explore new markets with us.

We want to promote programming and web-development skills of persons in developing countries, providing opportunities to organisations to aid in this endeavour. 

At the same time, Tech-experts in developing countries have known to be inspired by Rural Web, and reaching out to local communities, setting up ICT-courses and learning circles.

Schools & educational facilities

Local schools can provide meeting-space for learning circles, or sometimes even ICT infrastructure for giving courses. International exchange between schools and students can be very valuable to develop ICT, language and other skills.

SME’s & the Dutch MKB

Rural Web wishes to promote entrepreneuring and therefore SME’s and Dutch MKB can provide valuable knowledge about starting one own’s company. At the same time, all companies can benefit from our network.

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