So you have a dream or something you wish to achieve (if not, start dreaming). Now start acquiring the knowledge and skills to fulfill your dreams . Hereunder are some places to start. We recommend that you take a moment to go through each category to find out whether there is anything relevant for you.


Learning Practices

Certain learning practices will help you to learn more easily. Rural Web has developed a learning method which has as side-effect that information is collected and organized in such a way that other learners may benefit from your work.

  1. Collect the best resources  (to come back to or to work on later when you have time for it.)
  2. Search Rural Web's Chest of knowledge first, then search the web for more
  3. Add new resources to our collection & rate resources you’ve used to help others  find good material
  4. Learn by explaining – make tutorial videos, slide shows, use wikiversity, join or start a learning circle
  5. Learn by doing – start working on making your dreams come true and apply what you’ve learnt in practice as soon as possible.
  6. Ask, get feedback & get  help – communicate about what you’re learning. You’ll learn more from what others will tell you (Search the communities in the knowledge chest.)


Online & offline learning circles

Members of the Rural Web Community organize online and offline learning circles. Because learning goes faster if you do it together with others.  Find out if there’s a learning circle close to you, or online that you can join. You can also set up your own learning circle.