So you have an aim, you’ve thought up a plan, you’ve brushed up your skills and knowledge, now start bringing into practice what you’ve learnt and start working on achieving your aims and fulfilling your dreams.

  1.  Just do – Sometimes you have to stop worrying and postponing and just start doing. Even if you feel you’re not quite ready, or that you do not yet have all skills or knowledge required to achieve what you wish. You will learn from your mistakes and you will learn fastest by simply doing.
  2. Follow your plan. It will bring you closer to your goals, step by step. If it doesn’t, then review your plan. Maybe it wasn’t realistic or the steps need to be broken down even further to be easier to achieve.
  3. Tell others what you’re doing. The secret to achieving goals (and dreams) is to tell others about them. Those others will act as peers who will put peer pressure on you to achieve your goals, simply by asking what the status is of you endeavor. So go ahead and tell us about your work in progress.. You can do so in blogs on our social site, in learning circles and simply by telling your offline friends.
  4. 4.Evaluate – from time to time, take a step in place to evaluate what you’re doing. Are your dreams and aims still the same? Do you have the right skills and knowledge, or do you need to work on something else? Is your plan still adequate, or does it need to be adjusted?
  5. Have fun you’ll be more successful when having fun.
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