If you’ve followed Rural Web’s Recipe for Success you are bound to achieve something at some point.

Be proud about that!

Reap the benefits – Put it on your CV. Make a portfolio. Get good references for if you’re going to apply for a job. Get a certificate that proves you’ve got certain skills an knowledge. Or simply enjoy the business and earnings that you’ve secured for yourself.

Keep going!

But now is not the time to lay back. Now is the time to dream some more and to set yourself new goals! Maybe that’s the next step in you plan, or maybe you have a whole new set of dreams to work on..

Inspire – Tell us your stories of success  to inspire others.

Graduate – Maybe you’ve learnt so much you no longer need Rural Web. In that case we thank you for participating and hope you will enjoy living your dream . Congratulations, you have graduated from the Rural Web Academy of life! We hope to never see you again, but please feel free to send us more resources and friends, nephews or kids who can participate!

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