ICT skills

Learn basic ICT skills and get access to the wealth of life changing information the internet has to offer. A lot of tutorials are available online. 

Rural Web’s database

Rural Web compiled a database with >250 articles and videos that teach you ICT. The first 64 are for ‘starters’ and offered in a more or less logical order. Use the filters to find what you’re looking for. 
>> Learn ICT – Database – (unfortunately the database is offline. We are working on restoring it)

Get started offline

We collected some materials to get you started even without an internet connection. Print these materials to (help others) get started. Materials come directly from Microsoft’s own help-guide.

>> Get started offline 

Third Party Material

A lot of organisations offer ICT courses at different degrees of difficulty. Here are some resources from third parties to get you started.

>> Third Party Material

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