There are tons of things you can learn online. From large amounts of tutorials on youtube to online university courses. Hereunder a selection of websites that offer full-fledged free online courses.

University of the People 

The world’s first non-profit, tuition- free, accredited online university dedicated to opening the gates to higher education for all individuals otherwise constrained.

>> http://uopeople.edu

Khan Academy

Over 2,100 videos and 100 self-paced exercises and assessments covering everything from arithmetic to physics, finance, and history.
>> http://khanacademy.org 

Cereal Knowledge Bank

The Cereal Knowledge Bank offers a number of E-learning courses in the area of development and growing cereals, especially rice, maize and wheat.
>> http://www.knowledgebank.irri.org/

OER Cambridge

Open educational Resources from Cambridge University. Containes the Open Resource Bank for Interactive Teaching in Science and Maths (ORBIT), OER for schools, ASKAIDS on sexual reproduction and AIDS and a course in Zotero – to manage references.

>> orbit.educ.cam.ac.uk

UC Berkely

The university of Berkely posts a lot of videos of courses on Youtube: chemistry, biology, cognitive science, computer science and much more.
>> http://www.youtube.com/user/UCBerkeley

Backpack farm 

Backpack Farm (BPF) actively educates and encourages environmentally intelligent farming: the fusion farming concept  takes the best of synthetic chemical and bagged fertilizer products combining their application with superior organic products and holistic farming methods. Download their training manual:
>> http://www.backpackfarm.com/

Harvard open learning

offers some online courses on Chinese culture, shakespeare, algebra, computer science and more.
>> http://www.extension.harvard.edu/openlearning

MIT Open Courseware

MIT published over 2000 courses in 33 academic disciplines. From Aeronautics, to chemistry, Biology, Earth Sciences to Women and Gender Studies.
>> http://ocw.mit.edu/courses/


Directory of Open Educational Resources from Commonwealth universities and educational institutions. Contains materials for higher education (>3000), Open schooling (>600), teacher education (>600) and technical and vocational skills development (TVSD) (>400).

>> http://doer.col.org


If you want to learn languages, the following sites might be useful:

about learning languages:
>> http://how-to-learn-any-language.com/e/index.html

Social networks to learn languages:
>> http://www.livemocha.com 
>> http://www.polyglot-learn-language.com/

Virtual Training Suite

Develop your internet research skills with these tutorials for 60 different academic disciplines.

All of the tutorials are written and reviewed by a national team of lecturers and librarians from universities across the UK.
>> http://www.vtstutorials.co.uk/

Mi Stupid

a fun, light website where you can learn a lot. History, astrology, home improvement, ICT and more
>> mistupid.com


Works towards improving the quality and quantity of teacher education in India and makes available learning materials in the categories science, maths, leadership, language & literacy and english. Materials are in English and Hindi.

>> http://www.tess-india.edu.in

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