A lot of information is published on the internet, which may be useful in improving the livelyhoods of people living in rural and poor communities. It is up to them and their development partners to implement it.

For example, by which simple techniques can a small farmer get a larger yield? How can a mother improve hygiene or prevent malaria? How can markets be reached?

Development in general

Resources from NGOs and websites aimed at rural development, adoption of appropriate technologies, alleviating poverty, etc.


Resources relevant for education in developing countries

ICT & Telecentres

Websites and NGOs aimed at ICT use and telecentres


Websites and NGOs that spread knowledge for agriculture and subsequent commerce

Water & Sanitation

Resources aimed at improving the water and sanitation situation in developing countries


Sites that help you find funding for your education, your business or your community development project.


Resources aimed at improving health in developing countries

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