The internet allows to get in contact with people from all over the world who have the same interests as you, or who can help you. They are often organized in thematic communities like ICT, development, or both. Here’s a relevant selection, including our own Ruralweb community.

RuralWeb Community

The RuralWeb community exists of about 30 participants from all over the world. They follow the Ruralweb developments, provide content and administer the site. You may contact us if you are looking for resources or tutorials, but you cannot find them. Perhaps we can help.

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1%CLUB is the platform that connects smart development projects with people, money and knowledge around the world.

Nabuur is an online volunteering platform that links Neighbours (online volunteers) with Villages (local communities) in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Connected through, Neighbours and local communities learn about each other, share ideas and find solutions to local issues.

Africa Pace

A dedicated network for people and companies interested in developing projects and business in Africa. Have a Question? Pose it here.

Venture Capital for Africa aims to connect innovative entrepreneurs (and their ideas) with access to knowledge, markets and capital i.e. mentors, business partners and investors.

Baobab connections

Brings youth around the world in contact with each others and allows them to talk about what occupies them.

Ning Communities

Ning allows anybody to start a new, unique social/community website. There’s no directory listing all of them, but you can find them using Google’s site search, for example:

Some Ning networks use their own url:

Others use the ning url:

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