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<<Part of this newsletter was removed as it was no longer relevant – the website has changed>>

Virtual consultation in the Philippines

Reine Kathryn Taya-Rala is one of our overseas participants with expertise in development. She will organize a virtual consultation with some stakeholders in the rural industry in the Southern Philippines.


We were hoping to use Moodle to develop and serve tutorials, as Moodle is an open source platform developed to do exactly that. Unfortunately, we haven’t been succesful at installing Moodle until now. Andrew from (our site’s host) has volunteered to work this out. If you think you can help, please contact us.

Train the trainer

We understand it is still difficult for you to see how you can contribute to RuralWeb. We will make documents to further clarify how the different roles can be filled in and how tutorials can be made. During the next Call 2 Action, we will probably hold a co-creation session, where we will work further work out these aspects.

Next meetup

Reine, Cheryl and Firmin hope to see you at the next Call 2 Action on September 17. This is the next meeting scheduled. We might hold another meeting earlier if there are sufficient non-follower sign-ups.

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