Looking for Volunteers

Our question to you:

RuralWeb is looking for volunteers with the love for ICT, didactics, design and /or internet-search who can help out regularly with one or more below activities below:

  • Design / polish manuals, slide shares, hand-outs, etc.;
  • Gather information on ICT-skills and entrepreneurship (and upcoming themes);
  • Create hand-outs; slide shares; explainer videos (according to manuals and own expertise or creativity);
  • Improve the content that is already there.
  • Co-create manuals on learning-circles, community management, PR, acquisition, local fundraising, etc.
  • Create video’s on a topic you know all about (and will be interesting for users in developing countries too!).

Your helping hands will be of great importance, since you will work on the very basics of RuralWeb, where others could build upon!

Interested? Please contact us at cheryl@ruralweb.info

What’s more:

  • Do you think RuralWeb is a great idea?  Please share, spread, connect with people who might be interested too! See: www.facebook.com/ruralwebFAQ
  • Are you not our volunteer? Support us by forwarding this vacancy!  

RuralWeb – Creating a better & smarter world.

The information that you can find on the internet provides you with all sorts of important information: job vacancies, network possibilities, solutions to question that you have, information form governmental institutions, leisure or fun.

Many people in Africa, Latin America and Asia already have access to the internet (and their number is growing every day!), but a lot of them still lack the means or skills to use it smartly and effectively to find information they need for their personal or professional goals. That is why we work on RuralWeb: so that everyone around the world can benefit fully from opportunities at internet towards self-sustainability.

HOW we do that? Through open content, made by and for users (content made by and for users from developing countries is currently lacking). Initially, we will have our community at Facebook and Wikiversity and cooperate with local ICT centres in rural-towns.

WHATContent at RuralWeb is initially about Entrepreneurship and ICT-skills. But we embrace any topic that users feel we together should elaborate.

RuralWeb’s future dream

  • RuralWeb as a trustworthy and easy accessible library for and by people from developing countries.
  • To have co-creation as Wikipedia, as many searches as Google, and as many users as Facebook, or more!
  • To have a joined voice (and significant while we grow!) of ICT centres in developing countries for local stakeholders to understand the importance of internet – for improved access to internet, better education for ICT skills, etc.
  • To have RuralWeb in French & Spanish available.
  • And finally, to have ICT skilled people all around the world, who are able to find their ways in all the opportunities that internet provides us.

Help us building our dream!

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