Learning Circles

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» https://sites.google.com/site/rweblc 
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Rural Web promotes Life Long Learning through Learning Circles. What a Learning Circle is, how to use, organize, create, host or develop one can be learnt here. LCs are a lot like MOOCs and e-learning courses. So if you’re interested in those, you might also be interested in our LCs. We are still learning about these topics ourselves, so join us in the process.

You are welcome to send us comments or advice on any aspect of the learning circle.

How to JOIN: We are experimenting what collaborative environments are ideal to use for learning circles. As we envision a MOOC-style learning process, we will be using several social media and sites as part of our official communication channels.

To join, you can e-mail cheryl@ruralweb.info. You may also use 

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