New:Rural Web Vlog!

I have decided to start a vlog for Rural Web! As I know nothing about vlogging, I'll also start a learning Circle about vlogging! So join me on youtube, to learn how to vlog, do web development and for vlogs in the other Rural Web categories. >>

Our Way: a recipe for success

Our Way:

Rural Web is an online community which helps people to apply ICT for Development (ICT4D) and promotes life long learning. Our services are primarily meant for people from developing countries, but anybody may find benefit from using them.

ICT is known to speed up development. Lots of useful information is available online, but to find and use it, you need to know how ICT works and what can be found online. Rural Web is presently developing a method or way of life - "our way" - which promotes development of basic ICT skills and habits which will help you achieve personal, professional, business and community development. "Our Way" helps you to use and make most of Rural Web's products and services and ICT in general.

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We are a community which promotes development of good ICT and internet skills.

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