How it started

The idea for Rural web arrose after discussions among participants to the First Call 2 Action event. The idea was subsequently presented during the second event. 

A Call 2 Action is an initiative of JongOS, a knowledge network of over 1200 Dutch young professionals that are connected who sympathize with international development cooperation. The year of ‘A Call 2 Action’ kicked off with a conference on January the 22nd at the Dialogues House in Amsterdam. JongOS asked the participants:

“How would you change development cooperation? What are your innovative ideas that will speed up positive change in the world?”

14 people with pitched their idea, and in an ‘open space’ magic started to happen: other participants joined the discussions on the ideas, pledging their support. Thus the ideas changed into action groups who would work out the idea into an action the rest of the year. Initially our action group came with the idea ‘United Universities’, pledging for better collaboration across boundaries among universities. During the second event however, we continued with a new idea: Rural Web, which was presented to the world by Firmin Soutime and was warmly welcomed. 

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