Co-Creation Session

Because the global action did not yield any ICT courses, it was decided to postpone the Co-Creation session we were to hold with the 1% club. Without ICT courses, there is no need for a new platform to host them. Any new information obtained we can make available through the existing Rural Web Site.

Instead of a grand co-creation session, two smaller sessions were held. First Rural Web met with the 1% Club to discuss how best to proceed and to focus what we want to achieve. Following that session, a small gathering with new interested persons and organisation was held, introducing them to the Rural Web concept. 

This second gathering was very fruitful as we had Inemarie of SvikaWorks present and IICD, which is a very big player in ICT4D. IICD gave us very good advice and was good at voicing how Rural Web indeed is new and innovative and most of all, needed! IICD can show many examples of how ICT is changing lives of rural citizens. But they cannot do everything and Rural Web definitely fills a gap. 

BUT, IICD says: turn it into a project. Make a project plan and go find funding. It is an illusion to think you can move this forward without any funds. If people put money into your idea, others will find it even more credible. 

In the coming months, Inemarie and Rural Web will therefore work on creating a project proposal and try to find funding. We also already know where: at Shuttleworth. 

[ video: let 99% of your money roll, use 1% against poverty: the 1%Club ]

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