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Solar Bottle Bulb

The idea of using plastic bottles for daylight was first pioneered by Alfredo Moser from Brazil in 2002 and by MIT students in 2011. You can light up a dark room by installing a water or soda bottle filled with water and bleach in the roof. The water will refract any sunlight falling on the bottle,

Tippy Tap

The tippy tap is a hands free way to wash your hands that is especially appropriate for rural areas where there is no running water. It is operated by a foot lever and thus reduces the chance for bacteria transmission as the user touches only the soap. It uses only 40 millilitres of water to

ICT in Africa Works!

ICT brings tremendous opportunities – privately and in business – to Africa. RuralWeb helps out to master ICT to those who do not have access to this huge source of information. As an African, what is the use of a smart phone, when you only can choose from applications that show you restaurants in Ney

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