Action Announcement

Dear Ruralweb supporters,

It’s been a while since you’ve heard from Ruralweb, but that is about to change drastically!

What’s up?

Those who followed the Facebook Group know that Cheryl van Kempen and the 1% Club are working to organize the Co-Creation Event according to the deal made in December. A date was chosen, Experts selected, the invitations are ready to send out!

BUT… before the Co-Creation Session there is a lot to do for us, the Ruralweb group:

We invite YOU to JOIN 40 days of ACTION!

In 2011, together, we created a new website that helps people from developing communities to master ICT and apply it to improve their lives. Finding good ICT courses proved to be very difficult and several NGO’s indicated that there is a need for a website giving access to such courses.

So, in 2012, in only 40 days, we will build a brand new website giving access to freely available ICT courses, provided to us by NGO’s and institutes who are presently using them. And YOU are going to ask for them!

It is time to “Open up those closets, get out the ICT courses…”

I invite you to participate in this global action of only 40 days

Here’s what’s to happen:

  • April 20: Start of the Global Action – Ruralweb members start a viral: calling on their network and using Social Media, news about the action spreads over the globe. Direct letters are sent to institutes and NGO’s, asking them to open up their closets and send us the ICT courses they use.
  • May 20: End of the Global Action –All ICT courses must be in our hands on this day. We need the following days to prepare for the finale:
  • May 31st : Co-Creation Session – a team of mixed expertise is invited to create a new platform, but also its branding, marketing & business strategies. The platform should be launched the same day and will give access to all the collected ICT courses.

Action name: OpenUp ICT4D
Twitter tags:  #OpenUp #ICT4D

So, what to do right now?   Nothing!   Wait for April 20!

We are sending you this in advance, because we would like this action to be noticed, and therefore be brought in the world on April 20 with a BIG BANG (or at least a little ripple …).

In the coming days we will send you standard letters which you can forward to any institute or NGO you know of that might possibly have ICT courses relevant to us. Please do so on April 20 if possible, or shortly after. in cc, so we always know which institutes you’ve addressed and we can follow up if necessary.

Please tweet and facebook about the action on April 20 and a few times more in the following 30 days. We will send you reminders.

We hope you will participate with us in these 40 days of action, the result of which can potentially change for the better thousands of lives in the coming years!

Kind regards,

Cheryl van Kempen

Ruralweb Initiator

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