A Call 2 Action 3

17 September the third AC2A session was held at Seats2Meet Utrecht. Both the initiators of Ruralweb were present as well as quite a few interested people from the Netherlands and thanks to VoiceOver2015, also from abroad!

AC2A’s results: partnerships.

Many of you have inidicated that there is a need for a site like Ruralweb and you have indicated what it is you need from it exactly. You have thus become important strategic partners, fulfilling different roles as the project unfolds:

  • During the development of the site, you contribute content, but also steer us and give feedback. Never hesitate to tell what is wrong, not working or missing.
  • You will also be the first users of the site: our test-panel. Do we achieve with it what we want? Is it useful to you?
  • When the site is ready you will be the ones who will disseminate the site: by word of mouth, through your organisations and by the internet.

Some Partnerships in particular:

Bridge2Better is an organization that helps people who are presently living in the Netherlands, but who come from developing countries and are about to return. The NGO helps them by giving training in different aspects that should help them to make a living when they return.

Kenya: Isaac Waithaka and Ezekiel Katato agreed to join forces and combine their work on piecebuilding and ‘Massai Culture & development’ respectively. Ruralweb will help them with how to profile these initiatives and communities online, with as goal to reach a broad audience and attract attention.

Thank you, all participants, for your support! 

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