17 sept meetup

Quick news:

  • 17 September next meetup in Utrecht, read all about it in this newsletter.
  • Installing moodle is still a problem, but Webskoel.nl has offered us one year of Moodle hosting for free!
  • Willy van Kempen, working in Sudan is thinking hard how he can apply Ruralweb in his own projects with farmers!
  • http://m.ruralweb.info now exists. But needs to be filled in by our HTML-capable participants! What it will be? Our website for low bandwidths and mobiles!

Ruralweb’s aims

Ruralweb.info wants to create a website that will help people from developing communities to master ICT and apply it to improve their living conditions. It is an open initiative. Anybody in the world can participate, and if you do, you decide how this initiative takes shape!

Next meetup: 17 September, Utrecht, NL

From 12:30 – 17:30 at Seats2Meet Utrecht during A Call 2 Action! For more information and to register, please see the AC2A website.

Let’s get to work!

This session will focus on finalizing the actions and preparing for the closing event on 10 december. Feel free to bring anyone along who you think can be helpful in reaching our goals. Also bring your laptops, as this will be a work-session. Depending on the number of participants and their skills we will:

  • Discuss & evaluate results until now and decide how to move forwards
  • Assemble some tutorials on basic computer use based on existing material
  • Create a low-bandwidth/mobile site (by HTML-capable participants)

Please prepare for this meetup

  • Please review the following todo list on basic computer use on Facebook, or in Google Docs and add anything you can think of.
    • Also try to find video or text-tutorials for each listed item. Add the links to these documents, mail them to us or post them on facebook.
  • AC2A still doesn’t seem to understand how this initiative is innovative! Please put into words why you think this is innovative, so we can convince them during the next meetup!
  • Check the ruralweb.info website and write down your feedback
  • Feel free to contact anybody you think should be involved with this project, and mention/like/retweet us on twitter, facebook, LinkedIn etc.!
  • Installing Moodle on our own site’s server still hasn’t been successful. However, Webskoel.nl has offered us one year of Moodle hosting for free. You can install Moodle on your local computer to try it out. We will decide during the meetup whether we want to use Moodle or not.

We are well on track, here’s our timeline:

Date/ periodMain objectivesStatus
August-September1. Create the site
2. Grow the community
17 Sept1. Have a working website with something in each of the categoriesOk, but we need to put more energy in section 1 – basic computer use!
October – December1. Users start using the site
2. Obtain feedback from users
3. Supplement content
10 December1. Low band-width website
2. Good basic tutorial on computer use

2012: Ruralweb keeps growing

Remember that Ruralweb will not stop after A Call 2 Action! You are free to bail out or indicate that you will have less time to participate. The core group members at least will continue with the action and any contribution from you on a regular or irregular basis will still be greatly appreciated!

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