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Rural Web's Learning Circles

Rural Web promotes life long learning: skills and knowledge are simply necessary in life. To help in the learning process, we developed the concept of "learning circles" (LC's). Group-learning, Co-learning, co-creative learning and E-learning are at the center of this concept, which also relates to MOOCs.

Rural Web presently hosts the Learning circles listed hereunder. Highlights of results are posted on Rural Web's  facebook pages and feature in our newsletters and vlogs.

Learning Circle on Vlogging

I want to start vlogging for Rural Web, to bring it back to life. I think it is a good way to generate on-topic content, to develop personal relationships with the followers and to grow our community.

I will be learning by doing, and invite you to follow me in this endeavour. I invite you to regularly watch the new content and to leave some feedback.

But you could also join me and start vlogging yourself!

To join, e-mail

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