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Rural Web's ICT resources

Collections of ICT courses and tutorials offered by other organisations and websites. Those targeted at beginners are higher in the list. More advanced users may be more interested in the entries further down the list.

Avidian tutorials for Outlook & Excel

Avidian really sells CRM systems (Customer Relationship Management), but they also have a couple of tutorials online on using Outlook . Focus is especially on how to be more productive with this program.
» How to Use Outlook:
» Helpful Outlook Resources:

I Train Online

ItrainOnline in essence tries to do the same thing as Ruralweb: be a one stop portal for ICT for development. Several partners collaborate in this open source initiative. However, it doesn't meet up to the requirements RuralWeb envisions.

Techsoup learningcenter

Wants every nonprofit and NGO on the planet to have the technology resources and knowledge they need to operate at their full potential. Offers great webinars (1h), articles etc.

AARP how-to-guides

From how to use and maintain your computer to getting you started with social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn.

the Tech Partnership

hrough a range of resources, Get Digital supports people to develop digital capabilities, including as the first step on the ladder to learning more advanced and specialist tech skills.

Free Training Tutorial

online education for kids. Math, typing, life skills and Learn to work with Microsoft Office suite: Word and Excel

Google app tips

Do more with google with these tips for each of their apps.

Lifehacker - Tech support

A hacker knows how to make things to his liking. A life hacker therefore knows how to make life easier. That often includes keeping ICT easy and working.


Offers free tutorials on using Windows (vista, xp, 98) and office: Word, Excel and Powerpoint.


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