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About Rural Web

Rural Web is an ICT for Development initiative. We share knowledge for development: personal, professional and community development. We promote life long learning, group-learning and learning by doing. This includes, but is not limited to, learning to do more with ICT and apply it to reach our goals.

For who

We connect people from very different communities, because we can all learn from each-other. Virtually anybody can participate in RuralWeb. We are:

"I started Rural Web because on my travels I always meet people who I'd like to help, but can't help. People who are not helped by NGOs and therefore have to help themselves. At the same time, I always come across interesting information which could benefit these people and NGOs working in developing countries. Rural Web now allows me to help people help themselves." - Cheryl Van Kempen, initiator of Rweb

Our Way

Rural Web promotes certain behaviours and activities and therefore also represents a way of life. If you live by our ways, you are likely to be on the path to achieve what you want. Our recipe for success is based on the mantra to dream, learn, do & achieve. Other ways we promote:
You can learn our ways by following Rural Web and through our tools.

Our Tools

The following tools should teach you more about Rural Web and help you achieve your goals:


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