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About Rural Web

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We connect people from very different communities, because we can all learn from each-other. Virtually anybody can participate in RuralWeb. We are:

Our Way

We want you to dream, learn, do & achieve. Become part of our networks to learn how to get things done and benefit from all the expertise and knowledge in our network. We provide coaching, friendship and help. Even with ICT. Our goal is to attain personal development, because that will help you to achieve professional and community development as well.

Our Tools

We provide certain tools to help you achieve your own goals.

Join us online & get help

Rural Web is all about helping each other to achieve more in our daily lives. Join us online via our various communities, tell about yourself and what you're trying to achieve. We'll try to help where we can.

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» Partner programme

For organisations we have a partner programme. Being a partner can mean different things, depending on your goals and wishes. Some suggesetions:


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